V-FORK MINI set in a box

The V-FORK MINI-set is V-plast’s original design, made with an easily adjustable telescopic aluminum shaft and the unbreakable V-FORK MINI. The shaft can be adjusted from 75 cm to 120 cm for ergonomic use and easy storage! The V-FORK MINI can withstand the force of a truck running over it, without breaking. The set comes conveniently packaged in a box, suitable for online selling. Available in ten colours.
Dimensions     520x400x120mm
Weight     1375gr
Material     PC/ALU/PP
Packing units     1pcs
Minimum order     1 packing unit
Art no     V839
Colours     anthracite, black, gold, green, hot pink, lime, navy, orange, purple, red
 hot pink
Please note that the colors shown are not 100% similar to the actual product colors and are for guidance only.