Quick Pick

Quick Pick is the result of when innovation meets needs, requirements and design! With Quick Pick you mock in half the time of a conventional poo picker. The footplates allow you to keep the Quick Pick in place during mocking and the flip function helps when emptying. Other smart features include the shoe scraper, a pouring spout and a molded-in handle for easy emptying. In other words, you can use Quick Pick for a lot other than mocking and only your imagination sets the limits. Complete with the specially designed VRAKE (V871) for Quick Pick.
Width of the container     440mm
Depth of container     340mm
Total height incl. shaft     700mm
Weight     1 300g
Material     ALU PP/CO
Packing units     6pcs
Minimum order     1 packing unit
Art no     V870
Colours     black, hot pink, navy, red
 hot pink
Please note that the colors shown are not 100% similar to the actual product colors and are for guidance only.