V-plast horse, with the legal name Väckelsångs Industriplast AB, is a family owned business that specialize in plastic injection mouldings in all types of thermoplastics.

The brothers Tomas and Kurt Johansson have been involved in the business since 1970 when their father Lars founded the company.

How it all began

It all began in the old barn when Lars started making his first tube caps for the packaging industry 1970. In the beginning the 250 sqm barn was perfectly adequate but as new customers emerged, the business started to expand. As the owners was active in equestrian sport in the early 1980s, they saw a need for products to facilitate the care of horses and stables and began to find their own solutions. In the 70s Väckelsångs Industriplast produced mostly screw caps for various food in tubes and undertook contract manufacturing.


Brand name V-plast horse

In the early 1980s the company started selling and marketing their products under the brand name V-plast horse. One of the founder’s sons, Tomas, saw the possibilities for new products and developed the shavings fork, which has become world famous by now under the name “The unbreakable shavings fork – V-Fork”. During the trips across Sweden, that he and his daughter made to various jumping competitions, he got ideas for developing other horse-related products.

The range gradually broadened as more products developed and since the mid 80’s, V-plast horse has manufactured products for horses and equestrian sports, with a wide selection of colours. As a natural spin-off we also manufacture some products for other segments in the farming business. Today we have a wide range of horse keeping products that we constantly broaden with new smart solutions.


Expanding business

Storage facilities are larger than 7 000 sqm and the business continues to grow and currently has 20 employees. The production is specialized in plastic injection mouldings in all types of thermoplastics and short communication channels between management and production ensures flexibility. This way of working benefits our customers in terms of quick response and deliveries. We are happy to provide both smaller and larger production runs.

The area, in which the company is situated, is also known as “The land of horses”. The owners of the company as well as many of the employees have a strong commitment in equine sports. Thereby a wide network of contacts with many partners in this industry has evolved and we receive a lot of ideas for new products.


R&D team

Our staff at V-plast horse are constantly attentive to new ideas, innovations and improvements. We have an in-house R&D team designing most of our products. We own and produce all products in Väckelsång. The product range for horses is sold through wholesalers and retailers in Sweden and all over Europe. In Sweden the company markets and sells their own products. The export to other parts of the world are marketed and sold through wholesalers and retailers.