We have gathered the most frequent questions and the answers here.

If you still don’t find the answer please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will assist you.

Who do you sell to?

We only sell to wholesalers.

I am a private individual and want to buy your products. Can I buy directly from V-plast and if not, where can I find your product range?

We do not sell directly to private individuals. We refer private individuals to the wholesalers located in the country from which they contact us.

How long is your delivery time?

Our goal is to have as short delivery times as possible. Many of our products are in stock, enabling shorter delivery times. We are able to arrange for partial deliveries. We have a delivery time of approx. 3 weeks although this may vary depending on season. If you want to fill an entire container you can expect a delivery time of about 8 – 10 weeks.

What are your delivery terms?

Our delivery terms are EXW (Incoterms 2010), i.e. Customer pays for shipping. We are happy to help you book the freight or answer any other questions related to the delivery.

How do I become a reseller?

The best way is to contact us by mail. Make a presentation of your company, what country you are situated in, what you want to buy and the estimated quantity. Based on this, we give you the best offer customized for your company. If you are a smaller wholesaler it may, in some cases, be more cost effective to buy from another wholesaler in the country where you are located.

In which countries can I find your products?

We sell to most countries in Europe. You can also find our products in the US, Canada, South Africa, Middle East, Oceania and Asia.

What kind of finishing do you offer?

We offer our customers graphic design and post-processing such as, colour printing, design and application of labels, customized packaging, painting and more.

Can you print logos or other texts on your products?

Some products can be printed on. Primarily, the plastic material decides if the product is suitable to print on. If the product has a shape that is difficult to print on (e.g. if a product has rounded shapes), special printing machines are required. Should the material not be suitable for printing on, it can be replaced in some cases.

Are there other solutions when printing is not possible?

We can offer high quality stickers.

What is the cost for printing on the products or making stickers?

This varies entirely from case to case. When it comes to printing, we have our own printing machine and can carry out the most common printings in-house, which means we can keep costs down. If we need to send the products off for printing, this entails extra costs. For labels, the cost depends entirely on the number, size and quality. In order to give the best price indication possible, please contact us.

We do not know if we have the right type of files or if we have any layout for printing at all, can you help us with this?

We produce originals in-house for printing, which many of our customers appreciate. It will be both cost and time effective and you can continue to work with a supplier that you have trust in.

We need pictures of products, can you help us?

If you are a customer, we provide the pictures you want. Please contact us.

We have a new idea! Are you able to help develop it?

We have an in-house R&D department undertaking assignments under full secrecy. With solid knowledge and experience, we can tell you at an early stage whether the product can be a good end product with high demand or not worth investing in.

It is always a sensitive process to present new ideas and of course we work under a duty of confidentiality. Should it become relevant, we can help you with everything from drawings, prototypes and complete tools to production. Welcome with your inquiry!